3D Printed Furniture for Dolls

Cube Shelf Next to 14 Inch Doll
by Chris

March 30, 2021

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American Girl Doll Furniture Alternatives

A few years ago my daughter started really getting into American Girl. She loves taking them with us and changing clothes for different occasions and redoing their rooms. I am sure all of you who love dolls have seen the American Girl prices. And as much as we love the items, let’s be realistic, most can’t afford to purchase much of it. So, I created an alternative by way of 3D printed furniture and accessories! Even shopping for Our Generation and My Life, some of those prices can be on the expensive side. And as well, sometimes they just didn’t have what my little girl wanted.

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American Girl Cube Shelf

The girls wanted something for their bedroom so they could organize more and help with the clutter. At least that’s what Lizzie said after reading the AG Clutter Control Book. Having a cube shelf in her own room to decorate and organize I thought it would be the perfect solution for the American Girl doll house. It’s a very simple design but it works for so many different things. The buckets are made specifically for the cube shelf but are a great size for most any piece of doll furniture.

Details of the 3D Printed Shelf

To find the most affordable, easy option that I could, I started with a simple sketch using Procreate. This is a wonderful app that was developed for use on iPads and works amazingly with the Apple Pencil. After the initial sketch was done, I went onto Tinkercad to make the 3D model. Tinkercad is a free, web-based program that is a super simple way to make 3D designs from simple to complex. It is also very user friendly. By making the shelf it’s own object apart from the buckets, each can be printed in a variety of colors.

This design is great for any doll and can be varied to match the color scheme of whatever room is being decorated. The design measures 130mm x 70mm x 145mm (roughly 5in x 2.75in x 5.75in) to accommodate a 1/3 scale. So, it’s great for 18 inch dolls as well as 15 inch dolls! (Using 3D material vs traditional wood it helps save on cost of materials and shipping since it is super light. And, the savings get passed onto you!)


How Am I Selling It?

Not only do the dolls love the design and the additional pieces to the room, but my girl does too. She loves putting little items and decorating the top in all rooms of the house. Wanting others to be able to have that same fun and happiness? I have the 3D file for sale if you have a way to print the design. Or, if you don’t have the equipment to print your own, I am seeing the actual shelf including four buckets! Now, any doll house that can have one!

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Whether printed or bought, we would love to see a picture of this piece of 3D printed furniture in your doll’s room setup. Tag us on IG @ohanamediadesign or use the hashtag #ohanamediadesign

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