About Me

Chris Clemmensen

Normally you’ll find me sitting with a computer screen and an iPad screen in front of me. I would be working on one thing or another from art and design to writing. Doing two things at once (or more) is something I’ve always done. It is never anything new to me when I have to do a little multitasking!
I have been into art and anything creative all my life. I am fortunate to have a chance to make a living doing something I love. More recently, I have gotten into writing more and more, especially when it comes to product and film reviews and all of our family’s many crafting and travel adventures. I am a proud and blessed father of two and married to a wonderful hard working woman. I love creating digital art and playing video games on my down time (which doesn’t happen often but I still love to do it!). Along with my art and design, I also work at a transcription company.
About Chris
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