Autism Awareness Designs Are Here

Autism Be Kind
by Chris

March 18, 2021

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Did you know Autism Awareness day is April 2? It’s called Light it up Blue. Make sure on that day that you light up your porch with a blue light for autism awareness, acceptance, and support!

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Autism Designs

We love showing our support of Autism. It can be very misunderstood, especially for people who don’t know what it is. So today, we are showing our support with these Boho Rainbow designs…including one with a little extra magic!

Colorful. Vibrant. Full of Love. This sublimation design helps bring to life some of the wonderful characteristics of autistic individuals. It also sheds lights on Autism Awareness because most people don’t realize how many people are affected by Autism. There are a couple of different designs that I am offering, so you can pick your favorite. Each design has a variety of different phrases related to Autism awareness. They can be used on a variety of mediums.

We are all a piece of a bigger puzzle-love and support each other!

They Can Be Used For So Much!

I am offering a sublimation version as well as a simpler HTV version for the normal rainbows and the designs with a little extra magic. Whether you are a Silhouette/Cricut user and love to create HTV products, or if you love the look of sublimation, I have both! They each have a more hand drawn, artsy look and the Autism puzzle piece set under the center arch. Sublimation is great for polyester or polyester coated item. Print and Cut vinyl is great for any other types or for those without a sublimation printer. It has a very easy cut and weed design to make for a smooth cutting and pressing process. This boho rainbow design has 7 arches with the blue arch featuring main little puzzle pieces, a heart, and ribbons. The bigger red arch has little separate lines with added texture. The overall design has textures on each piece. The magical ears add three more arches with puzzle pieces in each ear. Both designs come with a variety of phases including ‘Be Kind’, ‘I Am Me & That’s Okay’ and many others.

We love being able to provide our done for you designs so you can focus on your small business and customers. We hope these designs will be a bright spot in whatever you choose to use them for and that they will bring your customers joy in knowing that we all support Autism awareness. Be sure to check out my shop for these and all of my other designs!

Share with you friends and family.

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