Special Deals for Black Friday 2022

by Chris

November 24, 2022

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If you’re looking for some great deals from Amazon’s 2022 Black Friday sale, here are a bunch of really awesome finds!

**Disclaimer – Some of the links are affiliate links which means I might get paid a small amount. But no worries, it won’t cost you anything extra.

Art and Makers

Basically like a 3D printer in the palm of your hand for those of you who have never seen one before. It can be used to make some really cool creations or add onto existing creations already made from a 3D printer. This is a very cool creative tool!

This is an awesome all in one set with all kinds of different drawing/coloring medium along with a coloring book and sketch pad. And, everything comes in a very handy carrying case!

Colored pencils are great for all artists. This set has 180 colors to choose from, all inside of a nice carrying tin.

Okay, so this is a slightly higher end item. But, for anyone who’s looking for a good machine to laser engrave and cut various items, this is a nice one to go with. It can handle a size up to about a 15 inch square which is a great size for a portable table top machine!

This variety pack has a huge selection of colors all on nice sized 12×12 vinyl sheets.

These take quite a bit of patience but the end result is awesome!

Great set for an intro to calligraphy at 28% off.

At 20% off, these light boards come in very handy for a wide range of projects.

From wood burning and etching to vinyl and custom ornaments, at over 30% off these are great for all around craft projects.

Gadgets and Electronics

This is a decent sized smart TV that includes Amazon’s Fire Stick Interface. Great for any room of the house!

This is an awesome mini projector to make a movie night from anywhere. It can be wirelessly paired with phones and iPads to make it even easier to carry around and use!

If you have an existing television and you want to add a good streaming capability to it, Roku is a great way to go. The interface is nice and easy to navigate and the remote is well labeled and easy to use. And, they have an app to turn your phone into a remote too if you misplace the one it came with!

Video doorbells have gained huge popularity in recent years for added home security. This is a good choice for a video doorbell that can add some extra security.

Looking for a good smartwatch but not interested in the latest Apple Watch? Fitbits have been around for a long time and are great fitness trackers while also having a slew of other features as well!

This is a great price for some wireless earbuds that’ll provide an awesome sound experience without bulky headphones.

With two charging ports, an easy to see percentage readout showing how much charge you have left, and a small size, this is a great option for a portable charger.


The latest Thor adventure is an awesome deal at 78% off! Includes 4k, Blu Ray, and Digital!

At 80% off, this is one of the best prices you’ll find for the latest Jurassic Park film!

The final film in the Daniel Craig led Bond series is just over 70% off. Includes 4k, Blu Ray, and digital.

One of the greatest World War II movies ever made is a great deal at over 35% off! Includes 4k, Blu Ray, and Digital as well!

It may be a science fiction movie, but the science behind all of this film (some actual and some theoretical) is all about as accurate as it can be. Great film for over 40% off!

This classic action comedy is available at 45% off! Includes 4k, Blu Ray, and Digital!

This 2 season collection of Amazon’s comic book hit is just under 50% off for the Blu Ray!

This season and all the other seasons of Cobra Kai are right around 45% off!

Rewatch the classic 90s Addams Family movies for a great deal at 60% off!

This sword and sandals epic comes with 4k, Blu Ray, and digital for over 35% off!

Another awesome epic very loosely based on a true story/true events. Includes 4k, Blu Ray, and digital for over 40% off.

At 35% off, this Indiana Jones adventure is a great deal and includes 4k and digital.

This Tom Cruise racing film includes 4k and digital for over 30% off.

This 3 pack of the new Marvel/Sony Spiderman movies is a steal at over 60% off and includes Blu Ray and digital!

This is a great Hallmark Christmas movie on DVD for over 45% off.

Another heartwarming Hallmark Christmas DVD for over 40% off.

This Hallmark Christmas movie based on a true story is over 40% off.

At over 25% off, this is a great deal on a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Looking for some awesome train related deals? Check out Braden’s Engineering Show!

There are also some great all around Black Friday Amazon deals at Adventures From Kansas!

Happy shopping and happy holidays! Keep checking back for updated deals!

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